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Freshly added to BGG: June 30, 2022

With great joy we bring you demons, trains and flip-and-writes. You don't need a new idea to make a new game. That said, some of these games look like hidden gems. Can you find them all?

Demons and beast

Red Raven Games brings us Knight Fall (it's a pun! get it?), an asymmetrical team vs team game that takes place in an ancient abbey. Team Knights tries to kill the demons and protect the elders who can seal the portals, while Team Demons tries to kill the elders. Of course everybody wants to be in Team Demons, but alas, for co-op they are represented by a deck of cards. A soloable story-driven campaign is included as well, written and designed by Ryan Laukat. Beautifully illustrated by Andrew Bosley. With standees 👍

More demons, of the Lovecraftian persuasion this time, in Roll for Cthulhu. Oh yes, please! You actually do get to roll for Cthulhu and friends, but you play as investigators in this cooperative roll & write game that will come to a Kickstarter near you. Oh well, off to save the world one more time then.

Less demons, but more narration in West of Souls, a solo/cooperative fantasy adventure with scenarios and minis. Not much is known right now, except that it's "innovative" and that "players will be forced to make harrowing choices, complete skill checks, and defeat beast (sic) to move forward." No! I was not yawning! That's not nice of you to say.

Which brings us to The Return of The Son of More Narration and Demons: The Unseen: You Have Been Chosen promises a unique cooperative, role playing, story driven adventure with minis. Oh! And audio. More precise: with two hours of intense, fully-narrated, audio dramas. Dear God please help us.

Choo choo!

Whoa. Mint Rails is the game you never knew was possible and now desperately need: a light 18xx train game in a mint tin (you won't get them fresher than that, folks).

And we're on rails. Twisty Tracks is a tile-laying game where you send your four trains on long loopy journeys. To score lots of points. Player with the most points (solo spoiler: it's you) wins.

Short musical break now. This old engine needs refuelling.

One out of three ain't bad

If Museum and Encyclopedia are among your Holy Grail Games, you'll be pleased to hear those French are working on a heavy Euro next: Copan: Dying City. You play as a ruling Mayan family that tries to get richer while their world is dying. So this worker placement, tile-laying game may actually give you valuable lessons how to succeed in modern times.

You gotta be kiddin' me, Z. What's this? A Zombicide flip-and-write?! (sigh) In Zombicide: Gear Up, dear readers, you go flipping zombies and weapons and have a jolly good time. Cross off ammo, armor and wounds. Upgrade your weapons when you kill an undead. Survive until you face the final boss. For solo you will use three non-playing survivor cards that can each help out once per round.

One more! Meeple Detective is a deduction game with exciting gameplay. Flip a card, chances are nothing happens, next player's turn - oh wait this is solo. Suppose something happened then. Flip another card, chances are nothing happens once more! But! If something does happen this time, investigate by placing a meeple. Continue by going through this cycle until you've investigated four times. Player with the most points wins - oh wait this is solo.

Free stuff

As per usual, we'll end this post with some print and play goodness for you. The adventure game Travels in the Land of Glyph can be played with just a Glyph deck (itself available as a free PnP as well) and a lot of imagination.

What Lies Beneath (with illustrations by Jason Glover) is a quick solo dungeon crawler where you have to escape a crypt, run through a mystic forest, only to face a terrible boss. It can be downloaded from designer Ali Mahmood's home on

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All images are taken from the games' pages on BGG.


This post was prepared by Zerbique as always. He datamined BoardGameGeek for new additions 🤯and made these selections for you. All misunderstandings, misrepresentations and mistakes are mine.

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