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Freshly added to BGG: July 11, 2022

Right. I've been given a very weird mix of games to work with this week. If there was supposed to be a theme, I've missed it, sorry. I'll start and end the overview with some roll and writes, maybe it will provide some false sense of coherence.

There's still a long way to go. We're at Clever 4Ever now and I already lost count. Because of the infinite monkey theorem, one day a good game will be produced in the Clever roll and write series. Because of the infinite monkey theorem though, this may take a million times longer than the remaining lifetime of the universe. Still, keep up the good work, mr. Warsch. 👍

More rolling and writing fun can be had in A Wayfarer's Tale. Add dice values together, explore islands, fight monsters, collect treasure, visit towns and score points. May not be as clever, but it sounds good enough to me.

Co-op section next. I am curious for Munahhemana: The Chosen One, about the early years of islam. I've recently bought a second-hand copy of Commissioned and it should be nice to compare how these two games handle the theme of building a new religion.

Another cooperative game is, what's-in-a-name, CO-OPS, a French simulation game about modern warfare against terrorists. They say you need to be able to coordinate and cooperate well with the other players to survive, which makes this a perfect pick for solitaire play.

Tiny Robot Love Doctors is a mindfulness enhancing, positive messaging, cute cooperative puzzle game. It's so for me. You gotta love everybody, make 'em feel good about themselves! 💖

Or not. In which case there's Entities. The human race is going to be destroyed, you are given a chance to be its only survivor. I'd say, why bother, sounds like a loss-loss situation to me. But to tell you the truth I did not understand a single word on the game's page so it may make sense to greater minds. They can have it.

Quick, back to fast fun for smaller minds like mine. Vroom vrooom! From the makers of Flamme Rouge and 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis there will be Heat: Pedal to the Metal. A racing car(d)s game, available at Essen Spiel and in retail soon afterwards.

And it comes with a great soundtrack as well! Time for my break.

Wiseblood - Pedal to the Metal

Aaaaaand, back.

Once we're done with polluting the air with those cars, we can soothe our conciousness with Ecosferia. In this one-day-to-be-Kickstarted game you try to put animals and plants in the right biomes and thus "re-wild" the world. Nature conservation is the new zombie infestation I guess, but of course there's still room for more after Endangered (yay) and Ark Nova (meh). Ecosferia looks like a bit too simple a card game right now, but it's early to say as it's still in development. And the world may well end before this game is published.

If it does, we'll go out with a bang. SKÅL! is "a Viking-themed dice-stacking dexterity-based drinking game" - so, exactly what we need. Well, without the card drawing and dice stacking dexterity parts. There will be an "adults only" get-drunk variant set of rules, and a solitaire version as well, apparently. Huh. Ah, who cares, they can just sell us the drinking cups. Or you know what? We'll do it the Viking way.

Now, let's give you the usual freebies and call it a day.

First we have in-hand 9-card game Handy Brawl, that promises "great graphics design and arts (non-existent yet)!", which put a smile on my face. That's confidence for you. The current development version can be downloaded from its work-in-progress pages.

Or, you can fight your own private war in 1-page roll and write Small Kingdoms Oak Campaign: destroy the enemy troops or their morale. Another work-in-progress.

And finally, the funniest idea we came across this week: Fantasy Food Truck. Here you'll do all your questing and adventuring in order to serve good food to goblins and orcs. A 1-page roll and write, with polyominoes. Count me in! I'm off to download and print it.

#Clever4Ever #AWayfarersTale #Munahhemana #COOPS #TinyRobotLoveDoctors #Entities #Heat #Ecosferia #SKÅL #HandyBrawl #SmallKingdomsOakCampaign #FantasyFoodTruck

All images are taken from the games' pages on BGG.


This post was prepared by Zerbique as always. He datamined BoardGameGeek for new additions 🤯and made these selections for you. All misunderstandings, misrepresentations and mistakes are mine.

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