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Forgotten Depths is live (Forgotten Depths re-emerges)

Update: Forgotten Depths is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 30 days. You may back either a copy of the game or its PnP.

Our preview post below was published on September 10.


After an unsuccessful first launch about a year ago, the 1-3 player cooperative dungeon crawl card game Forgotten Depths returns to Kickstarter on September 15.

Image source: BGG

In Forgotten Depths, you take on the role of one (or more) of three female heroes sent out to explore the ruins of ancient constructions in search of relics. The game combines puzzly tile-laying with exploration and fights with monsters. There are three different levels to this cavernous area, called 'ecologies'. Your goal is to reach the bottom of the third ecology, and kill the monster that resides there. Thinking about how to place the tiles as you draw them is important, because you may be able to unlock legendary locations or get stuck and lose. The encounters you will have in these locations are often resolved through combat.

Image source: BGG

Each hero has her own deck of cards which she uses during a fight. Monsters also have a fighting deck that corresponds to their level of difficulty. The fight is resolved over a series of rounds until either the monster(s) or the heroes are killed. On a hero's turn, you draw a hand of 3 cards and choose 2 to play. You then draw two cards from the enemy deck and compare values: if there is a tie, you block the enemy attack. If the value of the enemy card is higher than yours, you receive that amount of damage and deal damage back, equal to the difference of the two cards (e.g. if the monster has a 5 value, and you have 3, it hits you for 5 and you hit it for 2 (5-3=2). The same applies if you have a higher value card. During a fight, you may also use any special abilities and power cards that you may have in your deck.

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