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First game night in my new place: Gate and A Gentle Rain

Tonight was my first "game night" here in Forest! I started with something great: arranging stuff in an insert. I actually purchased the same beautiful wooden insert twice, as it was on sale at Philibert; the insert was supposed to be both for Risk 2210 A.D. and Risk Godstorm. I own both games, tried the former, and it's a truly excellent and exciting multiplayer game, that I can easily recommend. It fixes about everything that was wrong about Risk. So, building these inserts was a pain, even though it's a seamless process that doesn't even require glue, but you already know how bad I am with my hands. I actually put the Risk 2210 A.D. stuff in the insert a few days ago, and it has been a very pleasurable moment.

Tonight I wanted to do Godstorm, now that the unpleasant part (building the insert) was behind me. Well, guess what? The insert was too small. The five individual boxes dedicated to storing armies were too small to hold all the minis, and the cards were larger than the slots of the sixth, bigger individual insert. What a bummer! Now I have a useless wooden insert in my place.

To compensate, I decided to play the two games I got for Christmas: A Gentle Rain and Gate. A Gentle Rain I had already managed to play in the past few days. You already know about it from Athena's End Year post. It's very pleasant, but borders closer to the activity side than the game one. I won with 13 points.

Next, I played Gate. First time playing! The rules are really easy to read, crystal clear, especially since they rely on familiar deck-building mechanics. Setting up the game was short and sweet.

A few enemy waves later, I won the game with 42 points. I have no clue whether this is good or not. The farm was in ruins, the tower barely standing, the gate almost breached, the population almost mad with sheer terror, but, hey, a win is a win when there is no baddie left to bother you.

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