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February yawns

Athena: JW, have you seen anything you fancy from the February Kickstarter list?

JW: Not really.

Athena: Nothing? It can't be. Let's take a closer look. Runelords is first.

JW: How does it play solo?

Athena: You face off another runelord (bot). The preview looked very fiddly. Not much to say here. Let's talk about Vampires instead.

JW: 3,000 standees! It will take ages to find the right one and put it in play.

Athena: And lots of chapters!

JW: You'd need to be immortal to finish it.

Athena: Well, you're used to playing Aeons that never end.

JW: Yes. The new one has more Expedition stuff. Sounds like it will be introduced with a continuation of the story. Which was the least interesting part of last year's box. And it is yet another standalone expansion. Well, you can never have enough power tokens, I guess.

Athena: I don't like the looks of this game anyway. Which isn't the case for PARKS.

JW: True. There's not much else you can do with PARKS though, is there? How is the gameplay?

Athena: The artwork is pretty.

JW: Yes. How is the gameplay?

Athena: As I said, the artwork is pretty.

Athena: What about the new Enchanters expansion?

JW: Like with Aeon's End, I have no idea why these games go to Kickstarter. I guess nobody will buy the expansions without the temporary campaign hype.

Athena: JW, did you ever want to work in a car factory?

JW: No.

Athena: If it was run by Vital Lacerda and assembled metal car meeples?

JW: Oh, Kanban EV. No. I mean, come on. Run a production line efficiently. It doesn't just sound like work, it is work.

Athena: Yes, people like work in their games.

JW: Boring work? Why?

Athena: You ask boring questions. Do you like chibis?

JW: Of course not!

Athena:Then Marvel United is not for you. It seems best to play with kids anyway.

JW: Right. And we are a solitaire website. Next.

Athena: Endogenesis. People said it wasn't playtested at all. Balance problems. But the designer is playtesting it now.

JW: Just in time. Must be another Kanban enthusiast.

Athena: The Dead Eye. Funny glasses.

JW: You want this!

Athena: Sure, who doesn't want to feel ridiculous even when no one's watching.

JW: Please post a selfie when you play it with your 3D glasses on.

Athena: By Stealth and Sea. It's for you.

JW: Yes, you can never wait on enough DVG games to fulfil.

Athena: A new expansion for Heroes of Tenefyr. The game with the deceptive box art. It looks nothing like that inside.

JW: Does the expansion have the same cover?

Athena: No, but it's equally deceptive.

JW: Ah yes, I see them side by side. The cover is expanding its own universe.

Athena: Tanares Adventures for Arena the Contest. JW, are you yawning?

JW: *dozing off* What? No. February sounds exciting. Another Minis-Heavy Narrative Campaign Game Where Your Decisions Matter. Please, take my money. *jaw almost dislocates*

Image source: BGG

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