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Rurik: Stone & Blade is live (Expand your influence on Kievan Rus')

Update: Rurik: Stone & Blade launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 23 days. You can pledge for the expansion, include the base game or go all-in with a playmat and metal coins as well. All deluxe components will be available separately in the pledge manager, for if you already own the retail edition.

Image source: Kickstarter page

Our preview post below was published on August 28.


Stone & Blade, a modular expansion for the realm builder Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, will launch on Kickstarter on August 31. Rurik: Dawn of Kiev is known for its auction-mechanism for taking actions, and has an intricate bot for playing solo.

Image source: publisher's website

The game starts in 1015, right after the death of Vladimir the Great, with you being a potential successor. Through waging war, building, taxing, trading and scheming you'll try to claim the throne.

The expansion adds new leaders, new ways to score victory points, new types of structures and more decision making in combat. It will only be available through Kickstarter and not go into distribution.

Image source: publisher's website

The base game will be available as well, and all deluxe parts, the playmat and the intrigue cards expansion from the first Kickstarter can be added in the pledge manager.

Here's a report on the solo mode of Rurik: Dawn of Kiev by Liz Davidson:

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