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Exhibition: 20th Century is live

Exhibition: 20th Century is a 1-5 player drafting and set collection game about arranging a display of iconic objects from the previous century. It is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 27 days. You may back just the Exhibition game or add other games by Corné van Moorsel to your pledge.

Image source: Kickstarter page

In Exhibition, you are trying to score points by placing items from the 'market' in your display area by following specific rules. At the start of the game, you place your zeppelin marker on one of the continents, then select an object card from the column below that continent. You then move the zeppelin to the continent that the object comes from, and place the object card to your display.

The cards in the display have to be arranged in an ascending order of year, and be from a different continent each. In the One Continent showcase, all objects must be from the same continent, and in the One Era showcase, all objects must have a 10 year maximum difference between them. The solo game also plays in this manner, and only has a scoring differentiation than the multiplayer game.

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