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Escape the Dark Sector expansions are live

Escape the Dark Sector is a 1-4 player cooperative sci-fi dice rolling game in which you are trapped inside a dangerous space station. The Kickstarter campaign is for the launch of 4 expansions: Mission Pack 1 - Twisted Tech, Mission Pack 2 - Mutant Syndrome, Mission Pack 3 - Quantum Rift, and The Collector's Box. The expansions add new bosses, new chapters, crew members, item cards, dice, and new game mechanisms.

Image source: BGG

You may pledge for one Mission pack of your choice, or all three of them. You may also order just the Collector's Box, or bundle it up with the 3 Mission packs. The final option is the all-in that includes all expansions and the base game.

Like with its predecessor, Escape the Dark Castle, in Escape the Dark Sector you will first choose your characters (at least 2), each with their own different stats (might, cunning, wisdom), and then try to progress through a number of encounters. To resolve them, you will be rolling your dice and trying to get the result required by each encounter card.

When combat takes place, you have to beat the dice symbol combination shown on the enemy card. To do so, you can use your ranged weapons dice, if you have any, or just your character die. Every time you fail to roll a matching symbol, your character takes damage. Your goal is to go through all the cards of a chapter and beat the final boss.

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