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Endogenesis is live (Endogenesis reborn)

Endogenesis (second edition) and the Beyond expansion have launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 27 days. You have the option of getting just the expansion and an upgrade pack, if you already have the game, or get both the new edition and expansion, and add a player mat if you wish. If you live in the US, Singapore, China or Hong Kong, the game ships for free.

Image source: KIckstarter page

Our preview post below was published on February 23.


The 1-5 player card drafting and hand management game, Endogenesis, returns to Kickstarter for a second reworked edition and the Endogenesis: Beyond expansion on February 25. If you already have the original Endogenesis, you can just get the upgrade pack.

In Endogenesis, players are spirits in a newborn universe. Not content with what they had, they also opened breaches to other worlds. This gave them insight but also made them turn against each other and fight for ascension to godhood. This cosmic mess apparently brought balance problems to the gameplay itself, so the designer is now bringing a series of changes to the original game which you can see in detail in this thread.

Image source: BGG

In the solo/co-op mode, the player is fighting against the Realm of Chaos AI, trying to defeat the monsters that the Realm keeps spawning. You win if you eliminate all the monsters and exhaust the Realm of Chaos deck. The prism tokens that are used to track victory points in the competitive mode are used here to inflict one damage to a monster (but the game challenges you to win without using them).

The Endogenesis: Beyond expansion adds new skills and new mechanisms to explore.

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