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End Times 2023: All Work and No Play

Despite lousy circumstances, we managed to write and publish over 100 posts again this year. A third of them were crowdfunding previews (the "Watch your Back" series by Athena), a third compilation posts of new solitaire games added to the Board Game Geek database (the "Freshly Added" series by Zerbique).

But Athena changed jobs and hardly had any time to play or write left. Zerbique kept the same job, but spent more and more time on it. We turned to Hana for help and she wrote a third of the last third of the posts. But then she took two half jobs that both turned out to be full-time ones. 🙄

This left us with me. Now I don't have a job, but I don't need one to do nothing. So looking back I think we managed surprisingly well.

Here are the 2023 posts you may have missed.

Grumpy Gamer

The Bat

Sailing Away - Klaus Teuber / Oceania

Facepalm Island - intelligent board game recommendations

The Monkey

Table Presence

Last Knight - Astro Knights

Quick Civ Fix - Nations: The Dice Game

Play Dice with the Universe - One Deck Galaxy

A Tight Grip - Galdor's Grip

My Poker Fates - Lock & Spell

The Goodenough - The Magnificent

Was ISS ist - ISS Vanguard

Just My Cup of Joe - G.I. Joe Deck-Building Game

Death in the Dungeon - DungeonQuest

The God of Small Games - Canopy / Aleph Null / Floriferous

What's that Smell? - Talisman: The Firelands expansion

The Ace of Spades

Video playthroughs

Not-so-Freshwater Fly - Freshwater Fly

Yu Tube - Legacy of Yu

Crowdfunding picks / Essen picks

Plus, of course last week we gave an overview of all games we backed ourselves: Zerbique, SnowDragonka and JW. (For the curious: Athena backed The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era and Mageling: Rise of the Ancient Ones, but she'll write about them after she's played them.)


My first New Year's resolution is to follow up on what I suggested in the post 20 Days in the Valley, and publish some shorter posts on my plays of Earthborne Rangers. If you don't mind, a short format for posts would work best for me and I'd prefer to have regular content on the website. Then at the end of 2024 I'll be able to write a post "No Work and All Play" 😁

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3 comentários

28 de dez. de 2023

Here's hoping for less work and more games in 2024 :)


26 de dez. de 2023

What? Waiting to play games before writing about them?

What a weird conception.


Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
26 de dez. de 2023

FWIW, JW, I'm fine with the shorter but more regular content.

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