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End Times 2022: The End of an Era

2023 is the year everybody in the blogging and marketing business will be replaced by AIs. Let's face it, those programs are already faster and more intelligent than us humans. We really enjoyed writing for you those last few years, but it's time to pass the torch. From now on all posts will be copy-pasted from ChatGPT, until an API has been developed to let it write and publish straight to the Wix Content Management System.

What about Athena, Zerbique and JW? you ask. How very kind of you. We'll be playing games. Time enough at last! 🥳 2023 is going to be great.

We know you had hoped to see us to go out more grumpy...

But here's what we really wanted to say.

Happy New Year. 🍾 🥂


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