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End Times 2021: Crowdfunding list 2022

The time has come to post our annual list of solo and soloable games that have been scheduled to launch on crowdfunding platforms. This year we have a mega-list of 85 games, not including those that don't have a BGG page yet.

Some of these releases have been announced on this Pre-launch list, others were unearthed by our resident newshound Zerbique. With so many items, there should be something for everyone. Click away, and discover what the future in board gaming holds...


1. Dunhuang: Pearl on the Silk Road. Wu Shuang. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players shall play as the landlords in Dunhuang region of Northwest China, experiencing the creation of splendid art pieces in the form of frescoes and sculptures of Mogao Grottoes, as well as the prosperity of the Silk Road in Tang Dynasty'.

2. Final Girl: SEASON 2. Evan Derrick, A.J. Porfirio. 1 player.

Description: An expansion for Final Girl.

3. La Granja: Deluxe Master Set. Michael Keller, Andreas Odendhal et al. 1-4 players.

Description: 'An upgraded and expanded version of La Granja in which players manage small farms by the Alpich pond near the village of Esporles on Majorca'.

4. Skytear Horde. Giacomo Neri, Riccardo Neri. 1-3 players.

Description: 'Waves of monsters will siege your castle all the while a sea of minions will pillage all your resources. Choose a legendary hero to rally the troops, defend the walls, and defeat the Outsider'.

5. The Paradox Initiative. Brian Suhre. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players are mad scientists competing to claim strands of spacetime from worlds all across the multiverse'.

6. Puzzle Strike 2. David Sirlin. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players build their deck as they play, giving them the tools to arrange and manipulate their set of colored gems'.

7. Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Keeper of Keys & Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Gates of Gold. Shem Phillips, SJ Macdonald. 1-4 players.

Description: two expansions for Viscounts of the West Kingdom.

8. White Hat. Thomas Klausner, Timo Multamäki. 1-6 players.

Description: 'As they attempt to prove their worth as a hacker, players will attempt to win tricks by playing cards from their hand'.

9. Purple Haze. Bernard Grzybowski. 1-6 players.

Description: 'An immersive story-creation campaign game that drops you into the heart of darkness: Vietnam, 1967'.

10. Astro Knights. Nick Little, Will Sobel. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A cooperative deck building game where your deck is never shuffled. Your goal is to defeat the Boss before it destroys your team or the Homeworld you’re defending'.

11. Ceres. Gustaf Sundström. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A Sci-Fi worker placement game where players take the role of an Asteroid Mining Corporation in the near future and try to outplay their opponents and rule Ceres!'

12. Sea of Legends: Vengeance of the Empires. Michael Kindt Dalzen, Zack Weisman. 1-5 players.

Description: An expansion for Sea of Legends.

13. Tang Garden: SEASONS. Francesco Testini, Pierluca Zizzi. 1-4 players.

Description: An expansion for Tang Garden.

14. Jiangnan: Life of Gentry (relaunch). DuGuWei. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A worker placement and action tile bag building game. Players are literati and artisans of the elite gentry class living in Jiangnan'.

15. The Pirate Republic: Africa Gambit. Tom Butler, Sam Hillier. 1-5 players.

Description: 'A second edition to the original The Pirate Republic. Set in the early 18th-century, each player is an infamous pirate captain weaving their own tale by performing daring feats and plundering on the high seas'.

16. Assault on Doomrock: Ultimate Edition. Tom Stasiak. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A complete and updated version of the cooperative fantasy board game, where you can die from an arrow in the knee, poor decisions and dry jokes'.

17. Selsia. N/A. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You are a spaceship captain and you cruise your ship between planets to create your own destiny'.

18. Captain's Log. N/A. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A sandbox board game where you will be in charge of a ship from the colonial period and you will compete against other players to become the most famous captain of all'.

19. Tidal Blades: Rise of the Unfolders. Tim Eisner, Ben Eisner. 1-4 players.

Description: 'With your fellow Tidal Blades, you must enter the Fold to unlock its mysteries as you attempt to recover the old guard Tidal Blades who were trapped inside when the Fold was created'.

20. Kingdoms Forlorn. Marcin Welnicki. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A soloperative dungeon delver with a focus on loot. Kingdoms Forlorn focus on personal stories and short delves into the titular kingdoms'.

21. Tindaya. Lolo González. 1-4 players.

Description: Tindaya is set at the dawn of the 15th century on the Canary Islands. The conquistadors have just set eyes on it. Each player must lead an aboriginal tribe to survival in a world ruled by gods and shaped by natural disasters'.

22. Encyclopedia. Eric Dubus, Olivier Melison. 1-4 players.

Description: 'The year is 1739, and as aspiring naturalists and adventurers, you’ve been hired by the Comte de Buffon to help him create the first encyclopedia of natural history'.

23. Oak. Wim Goossens. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Oak puts you in the role of the leader of one of four different Druid orders, where you will try to establish that your Order deserves to be chosen by the Arch-Oak’s spirit to stay and learn its secrets'.

24. Malhya: Lands of Legends. François Denis, Ludovic Rivoal et al. 1-5 players.

Description: 'With the balance of the planet Malhya threatened, a group of heroes awake. You are one of those heroes with extraordinary abilities'.

25. Escape from Stalingrad Z. Marco Pecota. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A miniatures solo/coop campaign game of tactical combat which is set in the horrific zombie plague of World War Two'.

26. Call of Cthulhu: Terror Paths. Sandy Petersen, Lincoln Petersen. 1-6 players.

Description: 'Horrors arise. Your Investigators are the people on the spot. If you can’t stop the Menace now, the city, or even the world, may be doomed'.

27. This Didn't Happen. N/A. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Travel through time gathering supplies, changing events, and fiddling with the time-stream'.

28. Lobotomy 2: Manhunt. Sebastian Kozak. 1-5 players.

Description: 'Each of you will play as a patient of a mental asylum. The monstrous staff will do everything to keep you in so you will have to use your unexplainable powers to escape'.

29. Delicious. Eduardo Baraf, Steve Finn. 1-100 players.

Description: 'Players fill their respective gardens with fruits and vegetables by sketching them based on cards and tokens that are revealed in the community area'.

30. The Bad Karmas And The Curse of the Zodiac. Davide Garofalo, Riccardo Landi. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Work together to defeat the 12 Zodiacs who evolve and respond in real-time to player actions, creating a tabletop experience like no other'.

31. Legacy of Thracks: The Awakening. Balázs Svéda. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You control one of the clan Heroes (Warrior, Mage, Engineer) and your goal is to reach the legendary city of Dimara in 9 days, otherwise, the Shadows fulfill their destiny and destroy the world'.

32. The Druid Master. Christian Bruni. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You will have to prove that you can treat people better than your rival Druids, so that you will be proclaimed the one and only Druid Master!'

33. Fliptown. Steven Aramini. 1 player.

Description: 'A one-player flip & write game in which you are trying to earn stars by exploring a wild west town, playing to achieve the best score possible while competing against one of four “cowbot” AI opponents, each with a different motivation'.

34. Panorama. Alex Wynnter. 1-6 players.

Description: 'Choose a card from your hand, add it to one of your panoramas, then pass the rest to your neighbor. Cards score based on other cards in your panoramas!'

35. Lanzerath Ridge. David Thompson. 1 player.

Description: 'A solitaire wargame that takes places on the first day of the Battle of the Bulge, during the Second World War'.

36. Resist!. Trevor Benjamin, Roger Tankersley, David Thompson. 1 player.

Description: 'Spain, 1936. Lead a band of resistance fighters as they try to take back their homeland!'

37. Terminus Frontier. Jason Yeung. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Take on the role of the Darkstar Hunters, an elite squad of mercenaries. Travel the stars collecting bounties on wanted fugitives and performing contracts for competing stellar factions'.

38. Slay the Spire: The Board Game. Gary Dworetsky, Anthony Giovannetti, Casey Yano. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A cooperative deckbuilding adventure. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and finally become strong enough to Slay the Spire!'

39. Retrograde. Mary Flanagan, Max Seidman. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A real-time roll-and-write inspired by classic 80s arcade games. Evil Astrodroids are invading earth. Grab the joystick and blast as many as you can. Can you get the high score?'

40. Illiterati. Gary Alaka, Rob Chew, Jon Kang. 1-5 players.

Description: 'The Illiterati are an evil secret organization that has taken over the world. Your job as a member of the League of Librarians is to save the world’s books—one word at a time'.

41. Behemoth. Andrea La Rosa. 1-5 players.

Description: 'An epic and immersive co-operative adventure game with elements of deck building, exploration and innovative AI mechanics that adapts to players actions'.

42. Dead Machine Gods. Nathan Meunier. 1-2 players.

Description: 'A strategic cyber-occult worker placement and tableau building mint tin game set in a world of dark magic, occult technology, and haunted machinery'.

43. Kingdoms of Akandia. Florian Molzahn. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You and your friends are fighting together against the spreading darkness'.

44. Ronin Warrior. Kenny Nguyen, Thomas Dinh. 1-6 players.

Description: 'In this 2-in-1 board game there are two separate modes of play; Ronin Warrior: Vengeance is a solo, cooperative campaign game, while Ronin Warrior: Rising is a strategic wargame that features various buildings and units that players can construct and train across the map'.

45. Explorers of the Woodlands. Geoffrey Wood. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A forest-themed cooperative dice game / dungeon crawler. It combines all the best of tile placement, exploration, rolling dice and bashing monsters in a gorgeous setting, and comes with a fastpaced classic game mode and a campaign mode'.

46. Solar 175. Joseph N. Adams, Madeleine Adams. 1-5 players.

Description: 'An epic, euro-style legacy experience set in a dystopian, sci-fi future'.

47. League of Dungeoneers. Michael Lundstedt. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A detailed Dungeon Crawl and party management game. The main task is to develop your characters both by gaining experience but also by finding gold, equipment, magic and legendary items that can help you in your quest'.

48. Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game. Fabio Cury, Michael Shinall. 1-6 players.

Description: 'The hunger takes hold after many superheroes in the Marvel Universe have been turned into zombies. You play as these infected heroes and will be eating people to satisfy your hunger... and objectives within the game'.

49. RoboMon. Gabe Barrett. 1-2 players.

Description: 'An exploration-focused, story-driven, open-world game of robot combat for 1-2 players'.

50. Cruel Necessity (Second Edition): The English Civil Wars 1640-1653. John Welch. 1 player.

Description: 'A solitaire game simulating the military, political, and religious struggles of the English Civil Wars (1640-53)'.

51. Stardriven: Saga. Mike Gnade. 1-6 players.

Description: 'Stardriven: Saga is the story of a plucky crew lost in an uncharted galaxy, a crew who is barely surviving after losing most of their resources when their ship crashed on a harsh world'.

52. Forsaken. Travis R. Chance, Michael Mihealsick. 1-4 players.

Description: 'An immersive sandbox adventure game where you take the role of a character looking to leave their mark in the harshest of worlds'.

53. Space Lane Trader. Jesper Bennhult. 1-8 players.

Description: 'You are playing a character in control of a cargo ship, trying to make a fortune in the newly opened up shipping trade'.

54. Nanolith. Marc Schwämmlein, Maximilian Witt. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A cyberpunk-dungeon crawler with heavy rpg elements'.

55. Frozen Frontier. Andrey Kolupaev. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A highly strategic Eurogame for experienced players about the cosmic future of humanity'.

56. Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods. Simone Luciani, Danilo Sabia. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A 4x eurogame set in an ancient dystopian past, where mythology and science-fiction come together'.

57. Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game. Ole Steiness. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players must work together to mine precious minerals deep below the surface of a hostile planet where indigenous insectoid predators - the Glyphids - await, aggressively defending their caves against the intruders'.

58. Rogue Angels: Legacy of the Burning Suns. Emil Larsen. 1-4 players.

Description: 'You will be travelling a diverse galaxy with various factions all vying for their way of life. You get the opportunity to become a hero, shield civilians from conflicts, defend your spaceship from boarding enemies, and help save the galaxy'.

59. Spring and Autumn: Story of China (relaunch): Scott DeMers. 1-5 players.

Description: 'A 4X civilization game in which you take control of one of the pre-eminent states of the time to explore the world around you, expand your borders, research powerful advancements, build up your economy, and bring honor upon your name. Your goal is to establish the first true dynasty in China'.

60. Ovation. Kirsten Lunde. 1-5 players.

Description: 'Become one of the greatest classical composers of all time! You'll use inspiration, seek fortune and hobnob with aristocrats to perform musical masterpieces and achieve your legacy'.

61. Motor City. Adam Hill et al. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A strategic roll-and-write game about running an auto plant in the heyday of Detroit'.

62. Seas of Havoc. Sébastien Bernier-Wong, Peter Gorniak. 1-5 players.

Description: 'Players take on the role of a unique captain of a ship in a naval combat game where players are competing for the most renown'.

63. Deep Shelf. Richard Keene. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players take on the role of competing corporations seeking to find and develop resource nodes, extract rare earth metals, transport them to the surface and research the unexplored deepest reaches of the ocean'.

64. Unconscious Mind. Johnny Pac et al. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Your goal is to master therapeutic techniques, establish a practice, and grow your clientele. By delving into your patients' dreams — their unconscious minds — you can help them recover from various complexes and traumas'.

65. Helionox: Chronicles. Taran Lewis Kratz. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A solo/cooperative movement based deck building board game set in the Helionox universe. It combines asymmetric starting builds, tactical in-game deck construction, engine building, resource management, and action selection'.

66. Axon Protocol. Jan Roth. 1-6 players.

Description: 'A cyberpunk themed game of corporate warfare and brain hacking. You are a powerful hacker in the ranks of an international Mega-Corporation'.

67. SEAL Team Flix. Pete Ruth, Mark Thomas. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A tactical dexterity game set in a sci-fi world of impending danger. The game features the adventures of members of the elite Phantom Division defense force united to protect a remote colony world against an implacable enemy'.

68. Materia Prima: The Inquisition Expansion. Florian Pfab. 1-6 players.

Description: An expansion for Materia Prima: The Alchemists Guild.

69. Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce (second edition). Donna Ackerson et al. 1-5 players.

Description: 'Choose from one of 8 hilariously bizarre characters, who have been imprisoned on the bottom level of the Dulce Base and have just awoken after a Cryo-Pod malfunction. The players must blast their way through a base full of self strategizing human and non-human enemies'.

70. Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters. Lan Krajnčič. 1-5 players.

Description: 'Players will travel the map in search of missions to slay the monsters that are troubling the people of six kingdoms'.

71. Singularity Sky. Timo Multamäki, Ruymán Peraza Romero. 1-6 players.

Description: 'Players take on the roles of undercover spies and travel the Galaxy as merchants, trading goods to earn money, completing missions for the big factions, battling enemies or other players and exploring the uncharted corners of the Universe'.

72. Sublime Dark. Tristan Hall. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A cooperative storytelling horror adventure game for 1-4 players where players must uncover secrets about the town of Blackfell'.

73. Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices. Francesco & Enrica Axis Mundi. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A fully cooperative campaign game set in a fictional version of medieval Japan. Take control of several heroes arriving to assist the city-state of Yamashiro, a land destroyed by the quest for the Unseen, and help the city survive its grim destiny'.

74. Entity. Piotrek Piechowiak. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A deduction game where one player plays as an unknown being, a result of a secret government operation conducted during the Vietnam war, whereas other players play as spec ops sent to recon the area of a secret research outpost hidden deep in the jungle'.

75. Wayfarers of the South Tigris. Shem Phillips, SJ Macdonald. 1-4 players.

Description: 'As brave explorers, cartographers and astronomers, players set off from Baghdad to map the surrounding land, waterways, and heavens above. Players must carefully manage their caravan of workers and equipment, while reporting back regularly to journal their findings at the House of Wisdom'.

76. Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles – Episodes 3 & 4. Richard Ammann et al. 1-4 players.

Description: New chapters in Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles.

77. Silicon Valley. Scott Almes. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Players hire staff for their start-up company to put out new products, with the nature of the products being determined by patterns that you build with polyominoes'.

78. Terraforming Mars: Dice Game. Jacob Fryxelius. 1-5 players.

Description: 'This is the Dice version of Terraforming Mars'.

79. Warden Chronicles. Michael Cunningham. 1-4 players.

Description: 'An open-world exploration adventure, which can be played in a series of one-shot stand-alone chronicles or a chronicle campaign, which will see your character grow, becoming more powerful as skills and abilities carry over from one chronicle to the next'.

80. Alynthia. Travis Jones, Andrew C. White. 1-4 players.

Description: 'In Alynthia’s cooperative mode, a horde of Dragons has just destroyed the cities of Alynthia and built deadly Nests atop their ruins. You are among the survivors who have united to free Alynthia from the Dragons'.

81. Last Light. Roy Cannaday. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A fast-paced 4x game with 3D planets and a rotating board in which players playing asymmetrical alien factions simultaneously gather light right before the heat death of the universe'.

82. Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game. Martin Řehořík, Jan Soukal. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A cooperative campaign app-driven board game that brings the Lands of the Bohemian Crown to your table! Live through the harrowing times and immerse yourself in this epic narrative journey in the Holy Roman Empire'.

83. Pampero. Julián Pombo. 1-4 players.

Description: 'Build wind farms, then expand and improve your grid to master the energy market'.

84. Drop Bears: Survival Series, Chapter 1. Matthew Aslin. 1-4 players.

Description: 'A cooperative game where the Campers have to carefully choose actions every turn to stay alive, while the whole Australian Bush is on a hunt for them'.

85. Bot Factory. João Quintela Martins, Vital Lacerda. 1-4 players.

Description: ' Your goal in Bot Factory is to gather projects and parts, then assemble bots, thereby fulfilling demand goals and improving the value of the bot you are making'.

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