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Empty Box Syndrome

You know the type. They never throw anything away. "It may come in handy one day!" "But it is pretty!" "Of course there's still room in the attic."

My shelf space is limited. So I tend to put expansions in with the base box. What to do with the empty boxes though? I can't let go. But after a few years I must admit: no, there is no more room in the attic. Or anywhere else. And yes, I promised to empty that cupboard a few months ago.

So, ehm.

I used to think: maybe I'll sell or trade one day. Then I'll be glad I still have the box. But if I'm being honest, most of the time I just say "You'll find everything in the base box", and I get no complaints.

Some of the boxes have really nice artwork. Or there are good memories associated with them. But, I don't really see that when they are put away in a dusty attic, do I?

And let's not kid myself. There was absolutely no reason to keep all inserts I had to take out of base game boxes to make room for the extra components.

And the cardboard part of a blister pack? Really?

Oh man. I know they've got to go. But it's so hard to say goodbye. I arranged them one last time for a picture.

I will never, ever forget them.

Oh well. Off to the recycling centre with y'all.


We've already said goodbye Since you gotta go, oh you'd better Go now, go now, go now Before you see me cry

I don't want to see you go but darlin', you better go now!

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