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Building Cities is live (Empire state of mind)

Update: Building Cities has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 29 days. It has a single pledge tier that provides you with the game, the stretch goals and the 3D print files.

Our preview post below was published on January 5.


After an unsuccessful first try, the 1-4 player city-building game, Building Cities, is coming back to Kickstarter on January 8.

Featuring 42 cardboard building standees (and the files to 3D print them, if you want) and 370 tiles (roads, parks and other map features), the game can be played either solo or multiplayer. In the case of the former, you select one of the objectives and try to fulfill it without going bankrupt or breaking any of the designated construction rules. There are both easy and complicated objectives to allow for shorter or longer games.

The game requires you to complete your goal in ten rounds. You draw an Objective card at the beginning (e.g. Build 2 factories, 2 trucks, 14 ships, the airport and the statue of liberty). A random Event takes place at the end of every round (e.g. collect money for every park you have built), and Challenges have to be drawn every 4 rounds after you build the second district (e.g. Remove one of your cargo ships due to a criminal attack, unless you have the Task Force to cancel it).

You may check the Kickstarter preview for details.

Image source: BGG

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