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So, You've Been Eaten is live (Eat or be eaten)

Update: So, You've Been Eaten is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may back the standard, the Deluxe, or the Collector's edition of the game.

Here is a brief gameplay overview: If you play solo as the Miner, you will first create the hibernating beast AI deck. On your turn, you will roll your 3 dice and put them on your console to take actions. These actions are: a) Capture (a crystal from the matching part of the belly of the beast). b) Stun (manipulate the order of the belly cards and change the value of a die). c) Eliminate (cards of the same bacteria type). On the Beast's turn, you will roll its die and execute the action associated with that value.

If you play solo as the Beast, you first fill up the digestive track with cards. Then, you may try to acquire an immune response card, if you meet its energy requirements. This will delay the progress of the miner and may allow you to retrieve his crystals. On the miner's turn, you will roll his dice, place them in the corresponding action slots, and have the bot take those actions.

The win conditions are as mentioned in our post below.

Our preview post below was published on February 26.


So, You've Been Eaten is a 1-2* player hand management and set collection game in which a Space Miner enters the belly of a Beast to search for crystals. It is rumoured to launch on Kickstarter on March 1 - we were unable to confirm it.

*The official player number is 0-2 players, because you can let the two automas face each other.

Image source: BGG

So, You've Been Eaten was initially intended for a straight to retail release. Eventually LudiCreations changed their mind and chose to Kickstart it.

No information on gameplay has been revealed except for the description on the BGG page. If you play as the space miner, you have to be swallowed by the beast so that you can gather the crystals growing inside it. If you play as the beast, your immune system reacts and bacteria attack the miner. If the miner collects 8 crystals, they win the game. If the beast digests him after 4 bacteria of the same type attack him, it wins.

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