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Dealing Dungeons is live (Dungeon in the cards)

Update: Dealing Dungeons has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may back a copy of the game (there is an early bird tier for the first 48 hours), or get the Collector's edition that comes with hologram cards, or go for the PnP. If you wish to design a character, there's a pledge option for that too.

Our preview post below was published on February 28.


In Dealing Dungeons, a 1-4 players card-based dungeon crawler, your goal is to make money by looting a dungeon and especially its Treasure Room, which is guarded by a fearsome Boss. It will launch on Kickstarter on March 3.

Image source: BGG

You first choose a character among a range of standard Fantasy classes, each with a specific bonus that gets more powerful as you level up. You also take 3 health tokens – if you lose them all, you die, and the game is lost. You also take 10 dungeon cards to form the dungeon deck, and put one treasure room at the bottom.

On each turn, you can either build, move to an adjacent, already revealed dungeon card, or encounter a monster that you have not defeated before. When you build a dungeon, you add a dungeon card next to the one you are currently standing on, draw an encounter card, and deal with the corresponding monster.

Image source: BGG

When facing a monster, you have three options: fight, defend, or run (that is, retreat to the card you were standing on previously). If you attempt to defend, you roll a d6 to beat the defense value of the monster. On a success, you can explore the dungeon further on your next turn (but the monster stays where it is), or attempt to fight back the monster with a +2 bonus. If you fight, you roll 2d6 to beat the monster attack value. If you succeed, the monster is defeated and you earn a loot card. In both options, fight and defend, if you fail to beat the corresponding monster value, you lose one of your life tokens.

Defeating monsters also grants you XP. You can spend XP to level up or heal. You can also heal by consuming health potions if you find any of them.

Once you have fully explored the dungeon, you arrive at the treasure room and can battle the final boss. If you survive, you make it out of the dungeon, and then count up your loot to see how well you fared in your delve.

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