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Flee the Dungeon!

Available to order from The Game Crafter, Dungeon Flee has been on crowdsale since Friday the 11th. In a Game Crafter crowdsale, the game is produced no matter the number of purchases, but the more the purchases there are, the greater the final discount applied on the game price for all sale participants will be.

Dungeon Flee is a solitaire-only game that plays in 45-70 minutes and has you escaping a dungeon full of your regular cast of Fantasy monsters. The dungeon deck is split into six piles, and at the end of each pile lie stairs or a dead-end: find four stairs, and you win the game!

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When you begin the game, you first pick a pile and then encounter each card one after the other. If it’s a monster, you draw five cards from your personal deck and attempt to match the number of Swords and Shields symbols on the monster card. If you are successful, the monster is added to your discard, strengthening your deck in the future, and you reveal the next encounter card of the pile. If you are defeated, the monster deals you damage and you can either flee to another dungeon or try again. Once you run out of health points, you lose the game.

Image source: BGG

The game comes with 107 cards and offers five character classes, each with its special ability, monsters, traps, and a variety of items. Difficulty is adjusted during set-up. In Easy mode, you sort monsters from level 1 to 7 so that the monsters you face will only gradually increase in power. In Hard mode, you split monsters into only two categories, 1-3 and 4+, so that their power will be more variable. In Extreme mode, you don’t sort monsters at all.

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