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Dungeon Ball is live

Dungeon Ball, a 1-2 player game about monsters playing American football, has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 24 days.

This is a little hard for me to grasp as I'm only familiar with soccer, so I apologize in advance. In the solo mode, you play against an AI and try to score more points in the end.

You begin the game with 3 'momentum' tokens, and a set of Defense cards. You also have a hand of Ability cards that consist of both offense and defense moves. Each of these ability cards has a momentum cost that you have to spend in order to play it. You place the ball-die on the playing field according to your -defensive or offensive- position. On your turn, you have four opportunities to score. Then the opponent has their own four chances to score too.

When it is the AI's turn, you draw the top card from the AI deck and perform the action that it shows according to their position. On the fourth 'down', if the AI is in goal range, it will attempt to score. Once again you draw the top card from its deck: if it has an X symbol, it misses. If it has a check symbol, it cheers. The AI doesn't have ability cards, but you can play yours just like in the non-solo game.

Image source: Kickstarter page

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