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From the Ashes

My favourite game Talisman is 40 years old today. I have never played that first edition, but I did play it from the 2nd edition onwards. Mostly back when I was a student (we had the 3rd edition then), and the 4th edition still gets to the table.

This week I received a friendly reminder by Talisman Island that our series Travels of a Toad is unfinished. Since 2021! 😬 Back in November 2021 a report on the Firelands expansion should have been published, but this never happened. Well, what do you know, I found some interesting notes. And it's November once again... let's act as if nothing ever happened.

Notes on The Firelands
Spoiler alert: soon as a post on Solitaire Times

All the pics I took back then were miraculously saved as well, so this month you'll be able to witness The Return of the Toad. Hopping straight out of the frying pan, by the looks of it.

Event cards
Draw two cards - and watch the world burn

But first, let's celebrate 🧙 🐸 🎉 Talisman forty, Talisman for ever.

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Rob Cannon
Rob Cannon
Nov 06, 2023

Such great memories from Talisman!

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