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Down to Hell is live

Down to Hell is a 1-4 player cooperative hack-and-slash game inspired by video games of this type. It is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 14 days. It comes in three versions: 1. All standees. 2. Character minis, enemy standees. 3. Character minis, enemy acrylic standees. There are early bird prices for all tiers, plus a Kickstarter exclusive witch doctor miniature.

Image source: BGG

Each character in the game (Mage, Knight, Necromancer, Demon Hunter) has a number of vitality points (red crystals) that they can spend on their turn to perform actions. These have to be assigned right from the start, and become 'locked'. At the end of the turn, there is a regeneration phase in which you get your spent points back. Characters also have mana points (crystals in the character's colour) which they spend to activate special abilities.

Characters have skill trees that designate how they level up in the course of the game. The player will get a hand of skill and spell cards, as well as equipment cards that give them weapons and potions. When a skill card is played to perform an attack, the player spends the cost in vitality points and rolls the 'sword' die to attack. On each turn, cards from the enemy deck are drawn to define how many monsters will spawn on the map tiles. Monsters have their own dice by which they attack. The game is won if all the enemy bosses are defeated.

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