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Down in Cadet Stimpy's basement

Today for our Shelf Expression series, we're visiting Colorado, home of none other than our very own Master of Enquiries: Cadet Stimpy (we may call him Mike). His basement is as large as our country, so we mainly kept to one corner.

Well, here’s the North-West corner of my Game Room (aka finished basement), complete with Twister rug. LOL!

I’m renting, so please don’t dog me for that red strip on the wall. ☺️

I started playing modern board games about 5 years ago (I think). It was in response to a Meetup(.com) thing. There were usually 12 of us at the host and hostess's home every Wednesday afternoon. It disbanded after a year, but the hostess took a likin' to me and is the Gamin' Pal I mention in Loner's Lounge.

As this is a prized collection for me, I like to display it (for myself, mostly). I’m so shallow! 😄 Several games were gifts, but more importantly, I bought so many of these before I realized the importance of Solo Play.

Anyway, I soon realized if I had some Solo games:

(in no particular order)

  • If there was no one (other than me) to play a game with, I could still play

  • I wouldn't have to drive anywhere to play a game

  • No issues with Analysis Paralysis, 'cause it's just me, with my slow-moving brain

  • If I wanna play a game in the middle of the night - no problem

  • The only asshole I have to deal with is myself 😁

My old TV Stand is now also supporting games

I think the first game I bought explicitly for solo gaming was Onirim.

By now I also own Urbion, Sylvion, Castellion, Nautilion and Aerion. And, lemme check (starts reading from a spreadsheet):

Yes, yes, thank you Mike, I think we've got enough for a post now.
No really. It's fine.
I'm sorry, Mike, we seem to have lost the connection.
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