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Doctor, doctor: September KS Grumpy

Athena: JW, something is wrong with me. I can't think of anything grumpy to say about the games that launch this month!

JW: Have you taken your temperature? I hear Covid makes you lose your sense of smell, taste, and your taste in board games.

Athena: Oh my goodness. Okay. Let's test me.

JW: Lacerda's Mercado de Lisboa.

Athena: A clever puzzle for people who are good at spatial riddles and calculations. It has a series of nine challenges specifically designed for solo.

JW: Mmm. That's not good. Cascadia.

Athena: Fans of Calico and Parks are going to love it. Each animal has unique scoring conditions according to their natural habitat and preferences.

JW: I'm starting to get worried... Agropolis!

Athena: I know we both disliked Sprawlopolis but think of all the possibilities this opens up: it can be played on its own or combined with Sprawlopolis and make your brain explode with farms, ranches and city streets!

JW: Athena, please! What's gotten into you? We didn't just "dislike" Sprawlopolis. Okay, okay. My last hope:The 7th Citadel.

Image source: BGG

Athena: Oh. *gulp* The 7th Continent gave me some of the worst gaming experiences in my life. I wouldn't want the sequel if someone gave it to me for free.

JW: Oh man. At last! Back to her senses!

Athena: *feeling better* Are you backing the expansion to Machina Arcana?

JW: I would, if I could figure out how to play the base game. It is so much work for me now, it never gets to the table. I do like everything about it in theory. But it's a misunderstood masterpiece. I don't want to add to it.

Athena: I'm not asking about Galactic Era, since the solo variant is only for learning purposes. Hidden Strike: American Revolution is by Worthington Publishing who always launch EU-unfriendly campaigns. And The Librarians is a card game based on a series neither of us has watched.

JW: We also have two relaunchings: Forgotten Depths and In Too Deep.

Athena: Let's hope they rise to the surface.

JW: Then there's two different new standalone base games for Dungeon Fighter.

Athena: Dexterity games. That says it all.

JW: Why on earth do they sell two standalone games for playing the same game in different dungeons? What happened to good old expansions?

Athena: How about this standalone expansion to Set a Watch? Swords of the Coin.

JW: Look. Even the game story is that no one can be bothered to defend the Kingdom anymore. And how they have to buy mercenaries. I'll consider playing it if they pay me. I'm certainly not paying them. Anyway. Standalone base games, standalone expansions. Please people. I'm not buying everything twice. Think of something new. Or you know what, don't even bother.

Athena: Wow, JW, don't be so harsh!

JW: Athena, you need to see a doctor. Now.

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1 Comment

Sep 03, 2020

One of the most entertaining Grumpy post so far!

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