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Divinity Original Sin is live

Divinity Original Sin is a 1-4 player cooperative adventure game based on the video game by the same name. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 29 days, and has two pledge tiers: the base game, and the Premium Edition with boss upgrades, metal coins, extra dice and leather pouches.

The game comes with a storybook which you will have to read to decide where to go and which quest to take on. Each character has different skills. When you face an enemy, combat takes place in a series of rounds, and the aforementioned skills come in handy. Elemental attacks with fire, water etc. may be performed, and heroes often complement each other (e.g. one throws water, the other turns it into ice and freezes the enemy).

Lynnvader Studios will be collecting data from players according to the choices they make in the game. Each backer will be given a code which they can use to submit their in-game decisions. The company is planning to build future expansions around this information.

Image source: Lynnvader Studios website

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