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Develop croc-free plains

Faiyum is a 1-5 player hand management game in which you try to win the favour of the Pharaoh by developing the Faiyum basin. This is a Friedemann Friese design currently (or soon) available to purchase from local stores.

Image source: BGG

The solo mode of Faiyum consists of a campaign with different goals you have to achieve in each session. You also have the option of playing to beat your previous score.

At the beginning of the game, you will populate the map with crocodiles on swampland terrain, and place one settlement and one road on the designated spots. You get a deck of starting cards and 4 money. Then, on each turn, you may perform one of three possible actions: Play a card from your hand, Buy a card from the market, or do Administration.

To Play a card, you choose one card from your hand and either execute its action or gain 2 money. You can harvest in undeveloped lands to gain grapes and wheat. Harvesting drains the land, so you remove the crocodile from that spot. Cards also let you build settlements or roads which you can only do on developed land (croc-free). When you're done, you place the card in your discard pile.The order in which you discard cards is important as, during the Administration step, you take cards from the discard pile back in your hand.

Image source: BGG

To Buy a card from the market, you pay its cost and take it in your hand to play on a later turn. To carry out Administration, you first take money depending on the number of cards you have left in your hand, then remove 0-2 workers from the map, take the top 3 cards from the discard pile in your hand (you can take back more, if you pay), and refresh the market.

The end of the game is triggered when the four natural disaster cards appear in the market. You then check if you have fulfilled your current scoring (or other) goal.

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