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Deluxe Otherworlds

Today we are taking a look at an American playing card and tarot publishing house called Uusi. Uusi produces boutique quality cards, books, and other items, often in limited editions. The illustration is always exquisite, even in their humorously erotic decks which are cheeky but not cheap (in either sense of the word).

Their latest playing card deck - Republic- is inspired by Finnish folk art designs and is currently available on pre-order with delivery in June.

Their Pagan playing cards depict the court figures as deities of nature.

And their Royal Optik deck combines Op Art with woodcut printing to produce the effect of optical illusion.

Their most popular tarot is Pagan Otherworlds: a deck of dramatic visual contrasts in which the figures, often covered in foliage or animal skins, pop against a stark landscape background. It can be pre-ordered from their website with delivery in April, but you may also be able to find a copy in select retailers around the world. It comes with 5 extra cards that show the phases of the Moon, and one Seeker (significator) card.

To preserve a modicum of modesty, I will let you explore the Eros: The Garden of Love tarot and the Hotcakes playing cards yourselves.


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