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Death Valley is live

Death Valley is a 1-2 player push-your-luck card game about taking a ride through the dangerous Death Valley. It is currently on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 11 days. You may pledge for the PnP files, or for a copy of the game with the Panamint expansion, or order it together with other games by Buttonshy.

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In the solo mode of Death Valley, you will first shuffle the 18-card deck and reveal one card on the table. Then, you decide whether to place the card either in your journey line or the AI's journey line. A third option is to draw a new card from the deck, but then you are obliged to keep that card in your journey.

Once you have cards in your journey line, you may decide to rest and take a card from the journey line into your scrapbook. At the end of your turn, you check for Hazards: if there ever are 3 of the same hazard icons on cards both in your journey line and your scrapbook, you bust: one of the hazard cards is removed from the game, and all the cards in your journey line are shuffled back into the deck. You only score cards that are in your journey line, not in the scrapbook. Some of the cards have special placement requirements to give you points.

Image source: Kickstarter

On the AI's turn, it will check if the hazard symbol on the last card on the table would cause you to bust. If yes, it gives it to you. If not, the AI adds it to its own journey line. If it already has the hazard symbol shown on the desert card, it will draw another card from the deck. The AI busts in the same way as the human player. When the deck runs out, the game ends, and you compare your score to the AI's.

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