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Type 7 is live (Das Boot)

Update: Type 7 is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 24 days. You may back the Standard, the Deluxe or the Epic edition of the game. The Deluxe includes both the in-game submarine and a showcase model, as well as an ammo storage box. Epic gets you everything coloured. If you're in a hurry, the Limited Xmas edition secures you one of the existing 100 coloured copies of the game. The showcase model is also available as a separate pledge option.

Our preview post below was published on September 8.


Type 7 is a 1-2 player submarine wargame that uses a wooden U-Boot as a main component. It will launch on Kickstarter on September 10.

Image source: BGG

Type 7 takes place in 1939, and you begin the game with the submarine docked in the shipyard. You will first equip it with torpedoes, fuel, and any other parts the scenario may require. To move, you have to spend one fuel each time. Then, you roll a die and consult a table to see if you have an encounter. When you do, you won't know exactly what you find: it may be a cargo ship, a whale, or nothing at all. You will take the wooden discs for each of these possibilities, shuffle them, and slide two of them inside the target holders.

Image source: BGG

If you wish to avoid the fight, you spend fuel to move away. You may also call for support either from a Kampfschwimmer team or from an aircraft, or to get more weapons and fuel.

When combat occurs, you first roll for time (day/night) and weather conditions, and then for distance. Then, you decide if you will be on the surface or submerged, call for an airstrike if you are on the surface, or continue underwater and launch torpedoes. Distance affects the success of your launches, so you may try to maneuvre. The enemy counterattacks via die rolls. When you take damage, you also raise the crew panic level. At the end of a mission you receive victory points according to how well you did. Points can then be used to level up your crew and upgrade the Boot.

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