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Dark Souls: The Card Game gets a new expansion

Dark Souls: The Card Game - Seekers of Humanity is the second expansion to the Dark Souls cooperative deck building game, after last year's Forgotten Paths.

Dark Souls: The Board Game had received a lot of negative criticism when it reached backers' hands, which may explain why the card game has remained somewhat in the shadows (at least in the One Player Guild - I hardly remember anyone talking about it). Reviews have been generally positive, however, and it seems that it in fact delivers a more streamlined and pleasant Souls experience than its minis-loaded predecessor.

The new expansion adds rules, enemies, bosses, and new characters to the base game. You can read a review on Tech Raptor.

Steamforged Games announced that it is now available for pre-order, so it is bound to hit the stores soon.

Image source: Steamforged Games Facebook page

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