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Tomorrow Dies Today is live (Criminal minds)

Update: Tomorrow Dies Today has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may pledge for a copy of the game or, if you wish to splash out, have the designer fly out to you to teach you how to play.

Our preview post below was published on August 27.


Tomorrow Dies Today is a 1-7 player worker placement and resource management game in which supervillains carry out their plans for world domination. It can be played competitively, cooperatively or solo, and it will launch on Kickstarter on September 1.

Image source: BGG

At the start of the game in 'syndicate mode' (solo/co-op), you will choose your character and the members of a team of henchmen. You will also select the missions you are going to try to complete (arms dealing, blood diamond harvest, smuggling etc.)., and a couple of side jobs that will allow you to recruit henchmen.

Image source: BGG

Each round consists of 3 phases: Scheming, Villainy, and Monologuing. If it's an even number round, you will first draw an Event card, and follow its instructions. Then, you will decide which missions you want to carry out and in what order. For each mission, you will build a squad of criminals that can help you boost your stats and meet the requirements of the mission. Once you do so, you will deploy the squads onto the mission tiles and reap the rewards. For any missions you can't complete, you collect infamy.

In the final phase, you return to your base, report to your boss, give him his tithe, and complete side jobs if you can. Then the boss gives you a new directive, and the doomsday clock goes down by one. You win the game if you manage to pull off your doomsday plans within 10 rounds, and lose if the authorities shut your organization down.

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