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Consult the stars and set sail

The luxury playing cards company Stockholm17 is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Eye Of The Ocean playing card decks, a leather bound novel and a puzzle. The novel tells the story of Captain Solveig Hellström who embarked on a journey in 1776 to find the Eye of the Ocean: a mysterious island guardian.

Image source: Stockholm17 Facebook

By purchasing the novel and both the Solis and Lunae decks, you can try to find the coordinates of the Eye of the Ocean and possibly win prizes. If you're not interested in either the book or the puzzle, you have the option of ordering the Solis, the Lunae and the Astra Polaris decks separately or in a bundle. The campaign will run for another 25 days.

The Solis deck is blue and gold, the Lunae is teal and silver, and the Astra Polaris is black and gold with gold edging and a custom tuck box. All three have metallic foil on the card backs. The Aces are depicted as islands, the pips have an old map-style background, and the court cards are custom illustrated figures.

Image source: Stockholm17 Facebook

The book consists of 20 chapters (approx. 300 pages) and has a secret compartment that fits one playing card deck. It has a leather cover and a metal closure shaped like an astrolabe. All the deck illustrations are included in the book together with other drawings in colour.

If you solve the puzzle, you will be eligible to win either the Quartermaster Edition of playing cards and/or the Codex Key (a brass key prop).

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