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Conan: Beyond the Monolith is live (Conan: beyond the sponsorship)

Update no2: The campaign has been cancelled, as it became obvious that it wouldn't reach the funding goal. Monolith will return to Kickstarter in the future with revised Conan plans.

Update: The Beyond the Monolith system for Conan has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for only 6 days. If you are looking for information on the Legacy pledge (applicable to solo/co-op), make sure to scroll way down the campaign page to see exactly what it offers.

Image source: Monolith Facebook page

Our preview post below was published on January 2.


Monolith is preparing to launch their Conan: Beyond the Monolith Kickstarter on January 6, so let's see what this campaign offers. (Update: it was postponed to January 13).

I have tried to explain what the Beyond the Monolith system is in a previous post, so I won't repeat it here. If you backed other projects by Monolith in the past, you must have received an email notification of the discount you will get if you pledge this campaign. If this is your first Monolith Kickstarter, you may try to find someone who won't use their discount and is willing to give it to you. The table below shows what discount you get depending on your backing history.

Image source: Monolith Facebook page

Supposing that logistics have been sorted, let's take a look at the pledge option that is of interest to a solo gamer:

According to their Kickstarter Preview page, someone who intends to play Conan as a solo/co-op game, and doesn't own any prior Conan stuff, will have to back the Legacy tier and add the Conan base game in the pledge manager.

The Legacy pledge tier includes the Legacy Box and the Tome of Skelos. Monolith says that "the Legacy Box contains all the miniatures, tiles, hero sheets, cards, and life point markers required to play the new scenarios featured in the Tome of Skelos. Combined with the core/retail version of the Conan Board Game AND the Tome of Skelos, the Legacy Box allows players to expand their options for Adventure Mode and to play the new solo/co-op campaign featured in the Tome of Skelos.

Inside, you will find 32 miniatures, most of them brand new sculpts, and some older miniatures with brand new hero sheets and Adventure Mode tiles—all of which will be featured in or as playable options for the scenarios in the Tome of Skelos".

Their Kickstarter draft is a bit confusing in its current state but Monolith will likely sort things out by the time they launch.

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Image source: Monolith Facebook page

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