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Coffee in the cards

Café is a 1-4 player card drafting and resource management game in which you are building an efficient coffee supply chain. It was released around Essen-time last year and is available to buy in retail.

Image source: BGG

The solo mode plays exactly as the multiplayer game. You first select a coffee company card to represent your warehouse, and begin with one action point available to spend. Then, you take one card from the main deck as your starting card. Cards are divided in squares and show a symbol in each of them. These symbols are either coffee beans, drying spots, roasting spots, cafeterias, coffee cups, or ships.

On the first turn, there will be 3 cards available in the market, and you have to take one and attach it to your starting card. Attaching it means you have to cover at least 2 and up to 4 squares on your starting card with the new card. If the card you chose shows a coffee cup, you gain an extra action point but have to spend a coffee cube from your warehouse.

Image source: BGG

After attaching the card, you can spend your action point(s) to produce coffee in the squares that show beans, and possibly take beans to a drying spot. You will continue taking cards from the market, attaching them to your network by covering up spots, and performing actions for 8 rounds. Then, you calculate your score and check the scoring table to see how well you did (you will find a more detailed scoring table by the designer in the comments in this BGG thread).

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