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Totemic is live (Choose your spirit animal)

Update: Totemic is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 16 days. Information on the solo mode should be revealed in the coming days. The game comes with the Feather and Fang expansion which will include all the unlocked stretch goals.

Update December 4: The rules for solo play can be found in the rulebook.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on November 29.


A 1-2 player card game called Totemic, featuring Northwest Coast-style illustrations, is coming to Kickstarter by Kolossal Games on December 3.

Each animal spirit has its own deck of cards with traits that pertain to its nature. In the game, a fight takes place with a rival spirit, to define which animal will dominate in the end. Here is how the solo game works: the player picks an animal spirit, and the animal opponents that are suitable for solo play (presumably there are limitations). The opponents are placed in the order they were drawn, to form a hierarchy of power. The player starts with the bottom-most animal, and works his/her way up. The rival animal is always stronger, and 'programmed' to use its skills and advantages, so the player has to employ the proper strategy to eliminate it.

If the player wins, they gain half the strength of the defeated animal and proceed to tackle the next one in the hierarchy. If they lose to any one of the animals, the game is lost. Victory comes when all the rivals are defeated.

The designer has announced that a video displaying solo play will be posted during the campaign.

Image source: BGG

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