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Chasing Johnny

Downtown Chase is a 1-4 players game in which you play as a gangster intent on killing Johnny The Quick, the most hated guy in town that just about everyone has a good reason to shoot down. Which means there is competition for who might get his head… The campaign for the game will be live on Kickstarter on October 19.

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You first pick one of the four available characters, each with their own stamina, movement, and punch strength levels. They all start with the same number of health points. The three other characters will also be put into play as your rivals in the wild chase for Johnny The Quick. All characters start the game in their “safe houses”, in which they are protected from other players.

Each round, all characters take a turn, including and starting with Johnny The Quick. His movement is decided by rolling dice: one die indicates the number of steps he will move this turn, the other die is rolled at each crossing of an intersection to decide where Johnny will turn. On your turn, you first draw up to 4 cards, from three different decks: Weapon, Location, Interaction. You can move up to your movement limit, and visit a location on the map. However, each time you cross ways with another player, a duel is initiated. You roll two six-faced dice, and add their result to see your Agility score. If you get a higher score than the defender, they lose as many health points as your punch strength level. Otherwise, your HP and Stamina get reduced by 1 (and the defender’s as well in case of a tie). You repeat this until one character loses all health points, in which case they will be sent back to their safe house.

Image source: BGG

If you enter a location, and Johnny is standing on a spot adjacent to that location, you may make an assassination attempt. However, you must have the matching location card, and, since every weapon of the game is tied to a specific location, the matching weapon card. Furthermore, each weapon has a field of impact and an attack value. When you make your assassination attempt, you first try to aim at Johnny by moving a 3x3 square on a separate grid. You start with the square on the bottom left corner of the grid and move it by a number of steps given by a series of d6 rolls – but each time you roll, Johnny's bodyguard also gets in place to protect him. Once you are done with aiming, you roll 2d6, add the weapon’s attack value, and determine your attack score. If this beats Johnny’s Defense Value, you shoot him dead and win the game.

In the solo mode, the other characters will move around during their turn in the same way as Johnny does by rolling a direction die at each intersection, and according to their movement level. If they ever meet you, they will engage in a Duel. These bots will not make assassination attempts but you have only 12 rounds to kill Johnny unless he escapes you, in which case the chase is lost.

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