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Building opportunities in Porto

The name Orlando Sá may sound familiar to those of you who have played the PnP game Adamastor. Unfortunately (for me), this is not about the long-awaited expansion to Adamastor, but about Sá 's 1-4 player tile-placement game, Porto.

In Porto, which looks like it could be sponsored by the Portuguese ministry of tourism, players have one action on their turn: either draw a card or build a floor. The goal is to build the colourful houses in Porto's Ribeirinha area, and of course score the most points. The cards allow the players to choose the number of floors and the colour of their building within certain limitations. As soon as a building is complete, the roof is placed on top, and the equivalent points are awarded.

In the solo variant, the player works against the timer (deck of cards). As soon as the deck runs out, the player wins if they have scored at least 60 points. If so, they can still count their points (gained through fulfilling contracts) to see how well they did. Otherwise, the game is lost, and they can drown their sorrow in sweet Port wine.

Porto will be available at Essen, and should be now already at the stores, if you live in Portugal.

Image source: BGG

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