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Build the majestic Cathedral

The Red Cathedral is a 1-4 player action selection and area control game about building St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Devir just released the game in the US and will soon make it available in Europe as well.

Image source: BGG

In The Red Cathedral you are playing as a 15th century architect. You are trying to earn the most prestige by building the church and using the influence you have on the guilds and the clergy. On each turn, you can perform one out of three available actions: Claim a section of the Cathedral, Build sections of the Cathedral, or Acquire resources from the market.

When you Claim a Cathedral section, you place one of your banners on a Cathedral spot (starting at the bottom) and take the associated workshop tile. You place the tile on your player board by paying its cost in rubles.

When you visit the market, you select one of the dice on the market rondel and move it clockwise as many spaces as the value of the die. Then, you take the resource of the space the die landed on, multiplied by the number of dice there are in that market section (e.g. the 'take 2 wood' action will give you 4 wood if there are 2 dice in the wood market section). The dice of the section you used are then rolled and placed back onto their spots.

Image source: BGG

You may also take the 'Influence market' action, and use the figures (guilds or clergy) to gain their benefits. If you have the required materials, you can take the 'Build sections of the Cathedral' action, spend up to 3 materials and start building the section you have a banner on.

In the solo mode, you are competing against Ivan Yakovlevich, a rival architect. Ivan will have a deck of 5 cards that will dictate his actions. You alternate turns with Ivan until 6 sections of the Cathedral have been built, which triggers the end of the game. If you have earned more prestige than Ivan, you win.

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