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Bowls of hearty ramen

Ramen! Ramen! is a 1-4 player card game about serving the best soup in a ramen restaurant. The game was planned to hit the stores this month, but Japanime Games announced a small delay, so expect to see it in early 2021.

In the solo mode, you are managing the kitchen by yourself and your goal is to impress the food critics. You begin the game by shuffling the deck of ingredients. Remove 4 cards, and then deal yourself a hand of 4 cards as a starting hand. Place 4 more cards on the table to form a 'market' (the fridge), and also place before you the first three bowls that you need to fill.

Then, on each turn, play 2 cards from your hand into two different bowls, one card to each. A bowl is filled and ready to serve if the sum of the cards' value played on it is equal to or higher than 14, or if all 7 ingredients are present. When you fill a bowl, collect the cards and keep them to the side for final scoring.

Image source: Japanime Games Facebook page

You replenish your hand by taking one card from the fridge and one from the main deck, and continue playing and filling up bowls until the deck and the fridge are depleted. If so, you proceed to counting points for the ingredients, and comparing your total with the scoring table in the rulebook. You should be aiming for at least a 4 star review.

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