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Petrichor Upgrade kit and the Cows expansion are live (Bovine ichor)

Update: Petrichor: Cows and the Collector's upgrade for the base game are live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 20 days. You may pledge for just the new expansion or get it together with the Upgrade kit. You may also go all-in and order everything Petrichor, or only get a copy of the base game.

Our preview post below was published on July 23.


Petrichor: Cows is an expansion to the 1-4 player area control game Petrichor. It will launch on Kickstarter, along with a Collector's edition of the base game, on July 28.

Image source: Not Bored Gaming Facebook page

In the Petrichor base game, you are playing as a cloud competing with other clouds over which one will rain the most and help crops grow. The solo mode pits you against an AI with its own deck of cards. On each turn, you will first draw a card for the AI and execute its instructions. Then, on your turn, you will play a card from your hand to perform an action, and either 'vote' or pass.

Symbols on the cards allow for different actions: Frost lets you create a cloud and put a raindrop on it. Sun lets you put 2 drops on a cloud that you are already present in. Wind lets you move a cloud (when clouds collide, you combine their drops), and Rain lets you rain one drop from any two clouds you are present in. Each type of crop that you rain on scores differently.

Cards also let you add votes to the weather cycle, and the weather type with the most votes is the one that will take effect that round. Weather effects affect the crop growth and the clouds themselves.

Image source: Meeple University Facebook page

The Cows expansion includes, obviously, cows and especially what they produce: manure (fertilizer) and methane (gas that affects the climate). It also adds four types of climate-sensitive trees: baobab, palm tree, Norway spruce and sweet chestnut.

The Collector's edition of Petrichor will have upgraded components and game trays, and all previous expansions can be combined with the new one.

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