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Becoming a Grognarde?

Well, I'm not playing old wargames. But I am lately noticing in myself a tendency to appreciate older games, seek to acquire out of print editions, and stay immune to current and upcoming Kickstarters. This wouldn't perhaps sound strange, if I hadn't chosen to follow the Kickstarter and retail releases so closely. It is like working at the sales department of Ikea, yet buying my furniture from vintage flea markets. 'Ah, these days the craftsmanship is not what it used to be', says the 80 year old lady inside me.

So far this year I only backed two small games, Pocket Landship and Orchard, turning a blind eye to mega-successes like Middara, Bloodborne, and Etherfields. I don't intend to back The Isofarian Guard, Aeon Trespass or Oathsworn. My recent acquisitions are games released in 2017, 2013, and 2010. Perhaps I would feel differently if I was a euro gamer, I don't know. But as I am more at home with (Ameri) trashy games, all I see is bloat: tons of minis, lots of expansions, deluxe add-ons, apps that read you bedtime stories.

I am still mourning the demise of Victory Point Games. Their products appealed to me a lot, even if they were a bit too partial to dice rolling. I loved the sturdy, thick counters, despite the soot and the funny napkin. I scowled when they were sold to Game Salute. Perhaps it's better to go extinct than become part of the mainstream, I'm not sure. Now their games are out of print and hard to find. Butter for the bread of a nascent grognarde.

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