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Studies in Sorcery is live (Become a Master Sorcerer)

Update: Studies in Sorcery has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 23 days. You may back the game with or without the Divination expansion. You may also add a playmat to your order or just go for the PnP.

The game offers two ways to play solo: one is against a bot with 4 levels of difficulty, and the other gives you solo missions with a scoring goal to beat (missions get progressively more difficult).

Our preview post below was published on October 4.


Studies in Sorcery (previously known as Degrees in Darkness) is a 1-4 player drafting and engine building game about graduating from the school of Dark Arts. It will launch on Kickstarter on October 6.

Image source: Weird Giraffe Games Facebook page

In Studies in Sorcery, you play a student at the Academy of Dark Arts who is trying to finish their thesis and get a Master's degree. There are three fields of study that you can choose to complete projects in: Alchemy, Reanimation, and Sorcery. Alchemy projects take more time to finish but grant you benefits when you succeed. Reanimation requires you to press your luck and scavenge for materials but it will raise your productivity. Sorcery can only take place during specific phases of the moon, so you must schedule when to perform it.

The game lasts four semesters, and the student with the most credits from completed projects wins. More details on gameplay and the solo mode are expected when the campaign goes live.

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