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Aventuria: Epic Adventures is live

Aventuria: Adventure Card Game is a soloable card game set in the Fantasy world of The Dark Eye RPG. A new campaign is currently live on KS, featuring a variety of new content and corresponding pledge levels.

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The core game of Aventuria is played by choosing a hero with their particular set of stats (melee, range, magic, dodge), starting equipment, and a special ability. Each hero starts with 40 HP. On your turn, you first draw two cards, then can put up to two cards in reserve to build your “endurance” pool. Cards from your endurance pool can no longer be used, but you can exhaust them to pay the cost of other cards. Exhausted endurance cards are readied at the beginning of the next turn.

Next, you can play cards from your hand by paying the corresponding endurance cost. Some of these cards have an instant effect, while others are equipment pieces such as armor to lower the damage you are dealt, or weapon to attack an opponent by paying an additional endurance cost. When you attack an opponent, you first make a skill check by rolling a d20 against your own relevant stat (melee, range, or magic), and if you are successful, you deal hits by rolling the dice specified on your weapon card. Your opponent can try to dodge half of the damage by rolling a d20 against their dodge stat.

Image source: KIckstarter

An adventure features several acts, with an enemy Leader and a band of henchmen that you are battling against. Different adventures have different loss and victory conditions. After each act, you improve your deck with one or several reward cards. At the end of the adventure, you can choose a reward card to keep permanently in your future decks, and also improve one of your character stats for further adventures.

In this new Kickstarter campaign, you can pledge for a set of four new hero boxes, each coming with a new character, matching cards to build your deck prior to an adventure, and a new adventure fitted to that hero. An alternative pledge allows you to “catch-up” by picking up previously published content, the core game, and the first two expansions, as well as promotional content related to these two expansions.

Image source: Kickstarter

Finally, of particular interest to solo gaming are the two new adventures, designed with solo play in mind and offering new game mechanics. In Nedime, the Caliphe’s Daughter, you explore the Sultan’s Palace by flipping cards on a grid, triggering events and encounters. In Curse of Borbarad, you explore the tower of an evil archmage. It features rogue-lite mechanics where you will die repeatedly but learn new skills in the process, to go further with each attempt. These two adventures are only available in the “All the New Boxes” pledge, alongside the four new heroes, one additional new hero, and an additional new adventure.

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