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AuZtralia expansions are live

Martin Wallace's 1-4 players trains-and-Cthulhu game AuZtralia returns to Kickstarter with two new expansions - Revenge of the Old Ones and TaZmania - and a Big Box for storage of all AuZtralia content.

Image source: BGG

Revenge of the Old Ones allows one player to play as the Old Ones against the humans, and also comes with a deck of Mythos cards and tokens that can be used in the solo mode.

Image source: BGG

TaZmania is a 1-2 players expansion with a dual board. On one side it has the map of the island the humans escaped to after Australia was invaded by the Old Ones. On the other side, the same island map is blank and can be filled with terrain hexes placed at random.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for 16 days. You may back either the Big Box with the two expansions and promos, or, if you are new to the game, include the base game as well. A Cthulhu metal miniature and other games by SchilMil Games are available as add-ons.

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