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Automa rules for Pendulum revealed

Solo rules by the Automa Factory for Pendulum were revealed in the latest Design Diary on the Stonemaier Games website. The solo mode pits you against 2 automas in a simulated 3 player game. If one of them wins, the rules state that you have to declare "I am the Timeless Queen" in a 'soft, slightly artificial and very condescending voice' on its behalf.

Image source: Stonemaier Games website

The automas have their own victory point track that they will be moving along. They also have a deck of cards according to which they will perform actions. The automas trigger: a) every time you remove a worker from a bottom box on the board, and b) when you flip either the green or the black sand timer and the purple timer has run out.

The workers placed by the automas on the board will be shifting spaces over the course of the game, possibly getting in your way. Depending on what their cards say, automas will also flip the sand timers or remove a province card. The cards define how many victory points the automas gain during the Council phase, and if they earn a reward.

To get a feel of the solo gameplay, you may want to watch Rahdo's extended playthrough video.

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