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Attack Chinese villagers (Village Attacks: Grim Dynasty is live)

Update: Village Attacks: Grim Dynasty is live on Kickstarter for 20 days. Besides this expansion, you can buy the core game and around 30 add-ons.

Image source: Kickstarter page.

Our preview post below was published on 13 October.


An expansion to the 1-5 player cooperative game Village Attacks called Grim Dynasty is launching on Kickstarter on October 16.

In the base game, you take on the role of evil creatures -vampire, lich, banshee etc.- harmoniously coexisting inside a castle. Unfortunately, you have extremely annoying neighbors: xenophobic villagers who want to lay siege to the castle and exorcise your unholy lot. In order to defend yourself and the castle, you roll dice, and then decide how to use your results: either activate them immediately or keep some on your tableau for future use. The villagers are weak at first but they get stronger as the game progresses, and they also get support from hunters and heroes. Evil characters can be upgraded as well.

This new installment simply adds Asian flavour to the game: you play as monsters inspired by Chinese folklore, fighting against local peasants.

Image source: BGG

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