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Archers of Nand is live

Archers of Nand is a 1-2 player game about fighting Orcs while learning mathematical logic. It is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 18 days.

Image source: Kickstarter page

In Archers of Nand, you will be sending your warriors and archers to the territories of Nand, trying to fend off attacks by Orc invaders. You first prepare the Orc deck according to the difficulty level, and take four cards from your action deck in hand. On each round, you will be placing a warrior token in any one of the land hexes. Then, you draw a card from the Orc deck to see how many attacks the Orcs will perform, and toss three coins to define which land(s) they will be attacking. You place the Orc tokens on the lands with the banners matching the ones shown on the coins, and if you ever place more three Orcs on the same land, they get to attack again. If all the coins fall face down, the Orcs will attack your archers.

Image source: Kickstarter page

In the action phase, you can move your warrior to an adjacent territory, and play an action card for your archers. These cards show different orders that you can choose to execute by employing your logic skills. For example, the 'AND' order means that you can only shoot arrows to lands showing two specific colour banners, and the 'NOT" order means that you can shoot arrows to lands that don't show your chosen colour. After you perform your actions, battles take place, and each Orc takes out two warriors. You lose the game if the Orcs destroy four lands, and win if you manage to survive all the Orc attacks until the Orc deck runs out.

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