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April Fools

Athena: JW, does this pandemic signal the dawn of the solo gamer domination in the board game world? I read articles that say quarantines are here to stay.

JW: Yes, I predict that most games from now on will be solo with tacked-on multiplayer variants. The only problem is that Covid-19 may somewhat affect Kickstarter. But a lot of the work is done digitally, except for the production in China. Where everybody's cured by now. So we're safe. Still, better prepare for some delays.

Athena: Do you think everything will be delayed? I see that April is brimming with Kickstarters: we have heavy hitters like Cloudspire, we have solo-only games like Final Girl and the Ratcatcher, we even have a new Pax game. The industry is bursting with health!

JW: Will you back Cloudspire, Athena? I know you like chips.

Athena: Right now I prefer cheaps.

JW: Yeah. It's not like we'll have any money left after the economic crisis we're sliding into. But it's a nice one for the rich kids. They won't mind the delay, they'll have 40 other KS games arriving in the meantime.

Athena: At least you can afford the reworked One Deck Galaxy.

JW: Oh cool, has it been fixed? No matter, the designer can go on playtesting for months during the delays.

Athena: For a space game fix, there is also Pulp Invasion.

JW: Well, it can't be any worse than Pulp Detective now, can it? Guess I'll never find out.

Image source: Offcut Games Facebook page

Athena: I love the theme of Final Girl.

JW: Hostage Negotiator meets Camp Grizzly. A game for if you prefer theme over gameplay, yes. Will they still do four different versions? That's like four times the delay.

Athena: Do you think Merchants of the Dark Road will arrive on time?

JW: Probably not. What is it? Worker placement. Rondel. A fantasy setting. Oh, good old-fashioned fun. I kind of feel sorry it will be delayed.

Athena: Now that we're locked in, it's a good time for you to learn Spirit Island. Or do you want to wait for the designer's new game, For Science! ?

JW: My least favourite game mechanism, real-time, combined with another one I really hate, dexterity. On the other hand, Spirit Island would certainly improve if you only had 15 minutes and had to scare away the invaders with balancing tiny blocks. He should have made it an expansion. Oh well, let's give it a chance. If it ever comes out.

Athena: Pax Viking is going to be a gateway Pax game. Great news for multiplayer. Wake me up if an Eklund design ever gets a good solo mode.

JW: Pax Viking, Pax Vi... ah, A Feast for Odin for intellectuals! Hope they can wait a little. You know, with the delays and all.

Athena: Speaking of solo modes, no Kickstarter month can go by without Dávid Turczi. This time he digs up one for his own game, Excavation Earth.

JW: Right! Co-authored another bot with Nick Shaw. Count me out. I guess this one will be delayed anyway.

Athena: So, you've been eaten. The 0-player game where you pitch two automata against each other. COIN games send their greetings.

JW: I'm thinking they should not have included the 1- and 2-person variant. Now with the pandemic, it will only get delayed.

Athena: Speaking of plagues, how about the Ratcatcher?

JW: "Snatch the magical cheese, eliminate the rats." Okay, I want it. Now.

Athena: *eyerolling*

JW: What?

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Apr 08, 2020

I look forward to your new impressions. I'm not a fan of overly complicated rules. I hope they smooth out the gameplay and learning curve for one deck galaxy.


Apr 07, 2020

I hope to play the new beta version of One Deck Galaxy this month. The previous one was very hard:

(though I think it has mainly been streamlined, not made easier).


Apr 07, 2020

One Deck Galaxy and Final Girl are bound to my main April kickstarters.

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