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The King's Armory is live (Anniversary of The King's Armory)

Update: The King's Armory: 7th Anniversary Edition is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 31 days. If you already own the previous edition of the game, you can pledge for the upgrade kit. Otherwise, you may order the standard or the Kickstarter version of the new edition, or go all-in and get all the new expansions, minis and terrain. There is also the option of naming a character.

Our preview post below was published on October 25.


The King's Armory is a 1-7 player cooperative tower defense game. The Kickstarter campaign is for the 7th Anniversary edition which includes new minis, graphic design updates, and reworked rules. It will launch on October 27.

Image source: Gate Keeper Games Facebook page

According to the old rules, at the start of the game you will lay down the map tiles to form the board. Your goal is to defend the king's armory from enemy attacks and, in the standard mode, you will have to repel 7 waves of them. Each hero has their own equipment cards and can buy more over the course of the game. When they defeat an enemy wave, they receive coin cards. You can also hire other characters to help you out. Armory cards are very expensive powerful weapons that have to be used carefully so that they don't harm the heroes.

Image source: BGG (older version of the game)

Monsters come in varying levels of difficulty. When a new monster comes in, you roll a D12 and check a chart to see what level it is. The number of attackers depends on the number of players. Each hero has their own stats (movement, defense, hit points) and special actions, as well as a number of action points that they can spend to perform their actions. They also have a specific type of attack that requires action points to be performed, and a type of dice that they roll to hit. If you survive all the enemy waves and beat their boss, you win the game.

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