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Anniversary contest winners

For our first anniversary, we held a giveaway last week. Entrants on this website and on Facebook were asked to post their favourite solo game character. It was fun reading all the comments. Going from someone who has played the Amazon in Magic Realm for close to 40 years, to people that are already 'smashed' with the very recently released Hulk in Marvel Champions. From the classic solo game Friday, people nominated both Robinson Crusoe and Friday. And it looks like there's someone for everyone in Too Many Bones. Historical figures like C.J. Walker (Tesla vs. Edison) and Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Black Orchestra) were named, as well as Specialist Will Baker (representing veterans in Warfighter). Then there were (Barbarian) Vincent, Shadows Flicker Like Flame (from Spirit Island, twice), Velociraptors (Apex Theropod) and even the anonymous coffee roaster. And so many more!

We used some dark magic to draw our winners, and they were:

  • On Facebook: #2 Riccardo Previdi, who picked Doctor Lucky from Healthy Heart Hospital.

  • On this website: #23 energythief, who chose Black Widow from Marvel Champions.

Black Widow turned out to be the most popular character with our readers overall. She once featured as Solitaire Select and it happens to be one of the characters I have a permanent deck set up for as well. Athena and I both own and enjoy Healthy Heart Hospital. It was featured once in a lockdown post and has a whole selection of fun characters, but yes, it's hard to top Doctor Lucky. As you will need that morgue.


We'll get in touch with the winners now and see which prize they'd like. Thank you all for joining in our little giveaway, and let's celebrate again next year!

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