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"And the rich were so mean"

Obsession was the surprise winner of the 1 Player Guild's Best Solitaire Game of 2018 award. In this game you try to improve your family estate in Victorian England and increase your reputation, so at the end you may win the hand of a wealthy party.

Being an independent Kickstarter game, it was hard to find outside of the USA. Fortunately that's about to change. Both Obsession 2nd Edition and a new expansion called Upstairs, Downstairs will be on Kickstarter on 15 September, with a three-month fulfillment plan, as graphic and gameplay design are already finished. A much discounted upgrade of the base game for owners of the first edition will be available as well.

You can check Beyond Solitaire for an overview of the solo mode:

The expansion will bring more servants, a new family, new service and improvement tiles and lots of new guests. It will also allow for some new strategies. So all in all, more longevity for a modern classic.

And the rich were so mean

Stately homes for the Lords

Croquet lawns, village greens

Victoria was my queen

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