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WAYK and TANGL are live (Analog Apps)

Update: WAYK and TANGL are live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 20 days. You may back either, both, or both of them plus the company's previous game, INTELLE.

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Our preview post below was published on October 26.


Fisher Heaton Games is launching two soloable games on Kickstarter on October 28: WAYK and TANGL.

WAYK is a 1-2 player abstract strategy game based on point-to-point movement. You play as a robot aboard a spaceship full of sleeping humans. On the way to the planet they are traveling to, the spaceship computer receives a signal that they are going to be hit by a meteorite. You and a fellow robot are tasked with waking up as many humans as possible so they can say their prayers before they die (officially: so they can get inside escape pods).

There are specific rules for movement that you have to follow, and the robot that wakes up the most passengers wins (unknown how the solo game scores).

Fisher Heaton Facebook page

TANGL is a 1-6 player polyomino puzzle game. When played multiplayer, it is a race to use your polyomino pieces more quickly and effectively than your opponent(s). The goal is to make a rectangular shape with as few corners as possible. Solo rules haven't been revealed yet.

The concept behind both games is to use only one mechanism, and create an experience that resembles that of playing an app game.

Image source: Fisher Heaton Facebook page

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